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Loadcraft specializes in total design and manufacturing of 250-2000HP Drilling and Workover Rigs, as well as Trailers, Dollies, Beams, and Multi-Axle Components to support the Heavy Haul and Oilfield Transportation Industries. Our world class machine shop can also build or repair any type of oilfield, wind energy, or other mechanical products with quality and excellence. And our Parts/Field Service Division is always on call, ready to get your product back to working and making money 24/7, 365.

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Loadcraft Trailers are Custom Made to your specific needs. Below are a few of our most popular models.

Fixed Neck• Detachable Neck• Folding Neck
Chassis• Rockover
65 Ton Modular • 10 Axle 75 Ton
12 Axle 75-80 Ton • 13 Axle 75-85 Ton
Heavy Haul Modular
Hydraulic Gooseneck
50 Ton HDG • 55-60 Ton HDG
60-65 Ton Modular
Folding Gooseneck
50 Ton HDG • 55-60 Ton HDG
60-65 Ton Modular
Double Schnabel
Tower Dolly Half Schnabel
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DEGA runs the Trailers Division Export Department to the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia for Loadcraft Trailers
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All trailers are custom made for your specific needs. Shipping anywhere in the world. If you would like to start from the "ground up," please feel free to contact our sales team. email us or call us at (325) 597-2911
The next time you're looking for a quality custom made trailer, think Loadcraft.
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In the early 1960-1970 Loadcraft designed and produced a concept of transport that moved a 600 ton nuclear reactor, never before done. Select the image to the right for a bit of Loadcraft Trailers and a General History.
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