3000 YEARS of "KNOW-HOW"

As I sit down to type this up, we here at Loadcraft find ourselves in the big middle of a flurry of activity that will end with the sweat of our collective brows scattered across the globe – literally from somewhere south of the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli…. The 1000 horsepower full-meal-deal heading to Libya is coming together nicely, the 550 horsepower drilling rig and substructure for Columbia is nearly out of the gate, the south Texas 550 horsepower pulling units are coming together at an amazing rate, the Mexico rig is in the planning stages, and there are multiple trailers destined to become part of huge domestic frac fleet leaving the heart of Texas for all points of the compass. I’m certain that all of you have noticed how well the processes have gone and are still going, and we need to recognize what’s driving the train of these continuing successes: predictable, repeatable, and unflinching dedication to excellence by a fairly small group of war-horse professionals.

A few weeks ago I started asking the folks here at Loadcraft how many years of experience that they could count for themselves, and I jotted down the numbers in my pocket notebook as the impromptu survey went on. A couple of days later I sat down and added the number of years of experience that are represented every day the plants open up, and my eyes bugged out at the huge number that popped up on the calculator. Approximately 177 people represent right at 3,000 years of combined experience in industry, and these years of experience are spread across all aspects of several industrial, manufacturing, oil patch, and administrative fields. That’s an average of 16.9 years of experience in learning, practicing, and excelling in intellectually and sometimes physically demanding fields of endeavor.

Now then, we ask ourselves, how is it possible for such a limited number of people to accomplish so much? One small example lies in the Brady Hangar where there are three very fine gentlemen who can account for 147 years of experience between them (you know who you are Obed, Denny, and Dale). Dedication and rock-solid repeatability show up in every component that these guys touch, and their parts are handed off complete, accurate, and on time. The same can be said for any of the departments and about either facility when we ask ourselves how we’re able to accomplish more with less.

Looking ahead at the amount of work that is stacking up in front of us, I’m strengthened mentally and can sleep soundly at night knowing that 3,000 years of know-how and been-there-do-that are walking through the gate to go to work every day.


Wayne Philpot

Plant Manager