The Loadcraft family has hit the ground running in 2011! Again, what an honor and a joy it is to be associated with “the finest workforce on the planet,” as dad likes to tell each and every person who walks in this door. I don’t guess it’s braggin’ if it’s true…As I write this, we are working through the biggest backlog in the history of our company, with more deals on the horizon. Our newest division in Early, Texas, has made a huge impact on our ability to respond to deadlines. With over 90,000 square feet under roof and a trained and skilled workforce, it has been a perfect fit to the great team in Brady and Brownwood. We now have concrete batch plants as a product line and are looking to build trailers and other pressure pumping equipment in Early as well as Brady.

Congratulations to Bobby Till on his new responsibility there as Operations Manager, working alongside Ray Jones who is running the facility. The Brownwood facility continues to stay ahead on delivering draw works, and looks to become a more concentrated machining center. I am excited about the possibilities Clois has to build all kinds of different products, both for the

oilfield and the general marketplace. The Brady plant, or home base, is where we finish the rigs and trailers, and send them on their way to a happy customer.

It always amazes me how the crew can make miracles happen right before our eyes, just in time to meet the deadline.

All that being said, lets continue to remember we are one team and one company. Each facility has it core expertise and strengths. It is our goal to maximize those values to create longevity and diversity for our business to remain strong and viable for the future. Spring is upon us and before long the days will be warm. We have come out of the drought and there is lots of work in front of us. Let’s make some hay while the sun is shining.

Thank you for the privilege to work alongside each of you!