Mechanical, AC & DC Drawworks from 250 – 2000 Horsepower

The Drawworks is an important part of a drilling rig. Drawworks come in many varieties and can include AC, DC or mechanical operations. The steel cable (drilling line) used in draworks can be used to hoist and lower hundreds of thousands of pounds of weight, including lifting steel pipes out of boreholes. Drawworks also come in a variety of power ratings that can range from 1000 HP to 3000 HP and above.


Mechanical Drawworks integrates some of the latest technology and safety features available today with the durability and familiarity of units that have been designed and built for years. Our goals were to design and build Drawworks that were efficient to operate and easy to maintain and service.

AC Drawworks

AC Drawworks will unitize with virtually any control system and driller’s cabin. This allows customer flexibility with different control and software vendors and respective support options. Our Drawworks is equipped with a direct drive gearbox that includes an electric motor driven, positive flow, external lubrication system.. Spring set air released braking system for parking and emergency braking. Electric motor driven positive flow external lubrication system. The main braking action of the drum assembly is controlled by the Drawworks AC drive motor and AC drive system.

Input power for our AC Drawworks is provided by one continuous Drawworks duty AC drive motor coupled to a gearbox. The gearbox provides a direct drive link between the AC drive motor and the drum assembly through a series of gear driven internal shafts. By design all shafts are engaged gear to gear at all times to provide one constant drive ratio. There are no gear change selections or neutral positions available for the gearbox. The drum assembly is joined to the gearbox output shaft using a keyless locking device that locks the drum shaft into the hollow shaft of the gearbox. The gearbox supports one end of the drum assembly while a pedestal mounted bearing supports the opposite end of the drum assembly.